Reviews for At War with the Eskimos

Our debut album has been picking up rave reviews and we’ve collected snippets from some of them below:

  • “Spellbinding…… a musical tour de force calling to mind the Divine Comedy at their darkest and the Bunnymen at their most vital” 7/10 – Hot Press
  • “It’s effervescent nature will put a smile on your face…4/5″ – The Star
  • “Crooned tales of romantic wins and soul-shifting loss delivered through leftfield poetry smeared across a soundscape just jaunty enough not to feel like a recession soundtrack…3.5/5” – Sunday Business Post
  • “Strikes on the heavenly side….a very surprising record. Dying Embers rose expertly to the occasion” – GoldenPlec
  • “Unexpected wit that flows nicely with the album’s bedraggled musical charm….a real treat” – State Magazine
  • “Encapsulates the great attributes of Irish writers…instantly direct in nature, but there’s depth to be found here if you search for it” – Music Review Unsigned
  • “Emotional album propelled by the voice, and the stories therein” –

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