Dying Embers needs your help!

Hi All- So so close to finishing the album now but funds are proving a problem. Hoping to get going a Cash for Tunes scheme with anybody who’s willing to help. Need about  €3000 to complete it so any dent in that would be amazing: Heres how it works. You make a donation via credit card, bank transfer or good old fashioned cheque and in return you get a copy of the record on completion and the lovely warm feeling of helping a stoney broke musician making himself proud. You can donate as much or little as you like with slightly different rewards: donate €10 or more to get a digital download on completion, or €20 or more to get a hard copy mailed to your door long before it becomes available in the shops as well as access to some extra exclusive material by digital download, €50 or more gets you all of the above plus a thank you in the sleeve notes. Have a listen to the tracks, view the video and if ye fancy helping out go to the Cash for Tunes page and follow the instructions.

Thanks All: Dara


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